Nadine Rangosch

Nadine Rangosch (*1991) utilises sound, sculpture, video, 3D-modelling and animation. Her multimedia installations build on narratives in between fact and fiction, that show unexpected links between solid and liquid, symbolism and realism, human and non-human.

Natural sciences, visual culture and mythological stories inspire her to build her own vocabulary, translating abstract concepts into spatial arrangements. The reflection on power relationships in society is a constant influence and inspiration, anchoring her atmospheric works within the ordinary.

Currently, she is working on a project that transfers floral shapes, such as flowers and leaves into virtual objects, in order to question the portrayal of reality and our perception of it under the influence of 3D-Technology.

She studied Media Art with Clemens von Wedemeyer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Germany and graduated with distinction in 2020. In her diploma project COLD GLASS DOESN’T FLOW (2020) she examined the relationship between the act of veiling and the aesthetics of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. She has exhibited, among others, at Halle 14 - Center for Contemporary Art Leipzig (GER), Westpol A.I.R. Space Leipzig (GER), Gallery Watch (NO), GRASSI Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig (GER) and GfZK - Leipzig Museum for Contemporary Art (GER).

From April—June 2021, Nadine Rangosch was a resident at the Halfmannshof in Gelsenkirchen.

Nadine Rangosch 2021 c Roland Baege 6