Laura Leppert

Laura Leppert (*1993) works with film, installation and text. Her installations and cinematic spaces are constructed in fragments and are constantly in motion - architectures become characters, people pose as objects, objects circulate in space. Her narratives use a non-linear narrative style, characterised by micro-macro movements and hallucinatory wanderings through real places, their social or political logics and semantic nodes. Motifs and texts originate from research on social phenomena, language and its power of action, emblematic places and cultural tropes, which are poetically and rhythmically deformed. Built and pictorial environments that are entangled with themes such as possession, territory, economic ideal and individual desire are thereby decomposed and transformed.

In February 2020 Laura Leppert completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich as a master student of Olaf Nicolai. She attended the CX Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies with Cécile B. Evans and Simon Starling, and in 2019 at the CSAV Artist's Laboratory of the Fondazione Ratti with Nora Schultz and Ei Arakawa in Como, Italy. Until 2020 she was a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes; her final project Forecast, an experimental short film, was awarded the Graduate Award.

From Jan—March 2021, Laura Leppert was a resident at the KunstVereineRuhr.

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