Achim Lengerer

Achim Lengerer explores medial language in his practice. He examines images, texts and original soundtracks as vehicles for political power and emancipatory potential. The artistic forms he uses include soundtracks, installations and publications as well as performative lectures and events. Lengerer has founded a number of collaborative projects, notably the mobile exhibition space and publishing house Scriptings, where participants investigate different forms of the transcultural exploration of language and writing. Lengerer will create Tonspuren zur Linken for Ruhr Ding: Territorien, which will focus on the relationship between left-wing migrants and the radical left in the Rhine/Ruhr. Tonspuren zur Linken will be a Memory Station at Rekorder II in Dortmund in cooperation with Academy of the Arts of the World. Achim Lengerer [*1970] lives in Berlin.

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Tonspuren zur Linken

Tonspuren zur Linken traces these narratives as an ongoing collaborative work in progress in the tradition of oral history.